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OEM Mopar Weather Stripping

There are slats lining the edges of your vehicle's windows and doors, pieces made of rubber and soft plastic, with screws and adhesive to hold them in place. They're called weather strips or, more systematically, weather stripping. Their job is twofold: to help keep debris and the elements out of your interior, and to help your car doors close more quietly.

Unfortunately, they can wear out over time, usually from use and age -- at which point, they'll need replacement. Luckily, there are signs to tell you it's time. One is airflow through your doors or windows when they're otherwise shut. Another is water stains, which can indicate seepage, often seen as moisture or wetness in strip channels. Perhaps the most obvious one is brittle, cracked, or otherwise worn-out spots on the strips themselves.

Looking to install new weather stripping? You're in luck: it's easy. Most of the time, you simply remove the old strips' screws, pull them off, remove the adhesive in the channels, dry them, reapply new adhesive, and reapply fresh strips, being sure to align them correctly. Hold them in place awhile, then replace the screws, and you're all set. Just be aware that the steps required for your make and model may vary slightly. Also, be sure you use the same strip lengths and parts that you used before.

Keep the Interior of Your Vehicle Safe | Install Genuine Mopar Weather Stripping

Your best bet for replacement? What your OEM makes. After all, brands design weather stripping both to fit their models and maintain their original looks. You can order what you need direct from Mopar and right here online, at our auto parts store. Buy today and take advantage of quick shipping right to your door.

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