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Shopping for parts and accessories for your RAM 1500 Classic? They can be hard to come by. After all, the full-size, light-duty truck was only available from RAM for two model years, 2019 and 2020, during the fourth generation of the RAM 1500 -- which complicates things.

In fact, the pickup is just a renamed 2018 RAM 1500, one called "Classic" to differentiate it from both the fifth-generation RAM 1500, which came out in 2019, and the fourth-generation 2018 models that were still offered at the time. Of course, a unique two-door regular cab configuration was available as well, but you could still get the model in crew cab or quad cab options, and no mega cab option was available any longer. That can confuse things a little further.

Factor in that those parts and accessories you're looking for are generally more expensive from RAM dealerships, and that lots of auto parts stores sell them at MSRP, and getting what you need might seem downright hopeless.

Don't worry. Here at Mopar OEM Parts Online, we carry it all, and at affordable prices, usually well below MSRP. Take a look: you won't find the same great deals from the competition. Better yet, what we've got, Mopar makes exclusively for RAM 1500 Classic models, meaning it's guaranteed compatible with what you love to drive. You don't have to go to a parts counter, either; you can buy it all here --parts that are common problems for the model, like engines and electrical system parts, basics like weather stripping or batteries, you name it. We've made browsing easy: simply select your model year to start.

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