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RAM C/V parts and accessories can be hard to get cheap these days. After all, though RAM released the cargo van relatively recently, in 2012, the brand only offered it until 2015 -- meaning, availability can be as limited as the model years. Plus, though the commercial vehicle was based on two popular minivans -- Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country -- parts for those aren't designed for the C/V. Moreover, RAM ProMaster City quickly succeeded the C/V after its final year, and parts for successors generally aren't for the models they replace, either.

On top of that, brick-and-mortar RAM dealerships usually charge retail prices for them, as do most other online auto parts stores. We don't. Here at Mopar OEM Parts Online, we've got the huge OE-quality inventory you only sometimes see elsewhere, but at more affordable prices than anywhere else -- usually well below MSRP. Check out our auto parts catalog: you're unlikely to find better deals from the competition.

We've made shopping for parts online easy, too. You don't have to drive all the way out to a dealer parts counter, either. Just select your model year to start browsing. We keep our catalog current, loaded with everything that a van like the C/V could need. That means parts for the 3.6-liter Flex Fuel V6, for the six-speed automatic transmission, for the front-wheel drivetrain -- you name it. Whether it's a part that's commonly a problem for the model, like the seats and some sensors were, or it's one of the basics, like a transmission part or a cooling system part, or otherwise, we've got it. Best of all, it's genuine RAM.

Why Buy Genuine RAM Parts for Your C/V Model?

  • They're RAM-quality. Mopar makes them exclusively for your manufacturer. Aftermarket parts, however, aren't always up to the same OEM standards.
  • They're designed compatible with your vehicle specifically. That means they'll fit and work with it just like what your RAM C/V came with from the factory. Aftermarket parts can't always claim the same.
  • They come with a RAM warranty. That means, in the event of defects in materials or workmanship, they'll be covered. That kind of peace of mind, aftermarket parts won't always be able to give you.

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